Model-B Rifle

Model BR Pinfire Rifle

The Limited-Edition Model BR Rifle of which only 50 are being made has a brass frame and a blued-steel barrel, hammer, trigger and pivotal trigger guard assembled with stainless steel machine screws.  With the barrel made of chrome-molly steel and 3.00″ in length.  And having a Blunderbuss shape with a 2mm bore and a counter-bore at the breech end for accepting conventional 2mm pinfire cartridges.  Moreover, the Model BR Rifle proudly bears the mark of being made in the US with a very unique brass inlay in each side of the shoulder stock.  That along with the fore-stock is made of centuries-old walnut and secured in place with stainless steel machine screws.  And the brass frame of each rifle is engraved with the signature CMGW and its Serial Number. And along with a brass cartridge-ejector rod and mini corked bottle for 2mm pinfire blanks comes in a wood case with a sliding lid.  That has a brass pull knob and bears the Official Charleston Mini Gun Works brass nameplate identifying the rifle model.

And please note that we do not ship outside the US.  That the rifle fires 2mm blanks including those produced by Xythos and that ammo of any kind and the railroad station-master pocket watch are not included.


Order Model BR Rifle Model BR Rifle @ $375.00