The Eaglet-I Model B 3mm Centerfire Pistol is the first in a series of unique miniature centerfire guns designed by Ron Phillips of Charleston, SC.  That are precision-machined from premium – grade steel stock and are not firearms as ruled by the U.S. Justice Department.  In that they allow the flame and loud sound from an explosive action to pass through and out their barrel like a firearm but do not allow the expelling of a projectile.  In thus providing for a wide range of useful non-harmful purposes such as issuing a warning or signaling depending on the circumstances, celebrating such as on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, starting certain events such as races and for use in training such as becoming accustom to firing a pistol with the accompanying recoil as well as the sound and flame that issues from the barrel.

Moreover, the Eaglet series of non-firearms designed by Phillips fire the very low-cost “209 shotshell primer”.   That is used in reloading shotgun shells and is easy to handle because of its relatively large size compared to the centerfire primers for pistols and rifles.  Are produced by ammunition manufacturers CCI, Centurion, Cheddite, Federal, Remington and Winchester.  And available at gun shops and on the internet at a cost of about 5-cents each.

In addition, the pistol following repeated test firing is engraved with its individual serial number.  And comes in an engraved wood case that was also designed by Phillips and is made of the same centuries-old exotic wood as the pistol’s wood grips.

And please note that sales are limited to adult U.S. residents only.  That the price includes shipping and handling.  And that shotshell primers for the pistol are not included.



Order Eaglet-I 3mm Centerfire Pistol Eaglet-I 3mm Centerfire Pistol @ $192.00