Charleston-mini-guns-Model-HX-2mm-Pinfire-Pistol                                             Limited Edition Model HX 2mm Pinfire Pistol

With the Limited Edition Model H Pistols having sold out, we are pleased to now have available the extraordinary Limited Edition Model HX 2mm Pinfire Pistol of robust size also designed by Ron Phillips and inspired by his English forebearers.  Which has a hexagonal-shaped 2″- long barrel made of chrome moly steel along with a crafted hammer and front sight of tool steel and a multi-piece frame of brass.  Moreover, the Model HX features checkered wood grips made of century’s old walnut.

The Model HX including its spring- biased locking pin for the barrel and a special bifurcated main spring is completely assembled with stainless steel and brass screws including a special stainless steel shoulder screw for the hammer.  And then engraved with the CMGW signature and its serial number. And together with a cleaning/ejector rod and mini corked bottle for the 2mm pinfire blanks comes in a wood case as shown bearing the official Charleston Mini Gun Works brass nameplate identifying the pistol.

Also, please note that the century’s-old Railroad Station Master time piece pictured is not included. Nor do we ship outside the US.


Order HX 2mm Pinfire Pistol HX 2mm Pinfire Pistol @ $185.00