• Model BR Pinfire Rifle

    Model BR Pinfire Rifle

  • Limited Edition Pinfire Rifles

    A limited number of the Model HR and BR Rifles are finally available after considerable development. They are each an entirely new design from stem to stern (muzzle end to butt end) and because of their various features are taking an inordinate time to make.

  • Model T Pinfire Dueling PistolT-Dueling Pistol

    Tea Party Mini Dueling/Debate Pistol The Model T pistol is unlike any pistol ever made of any size and differs from our Model B pistol in having a stainless steel hammer having the shape of a teapot representative of the Tea Party.  Each pistol is engraved with the company signature CMGW, its model designation and […]

  • Model B Pinfire PistolCMGW Model B

    Model B 2mm Miniature (Berloque) Blunderbuss Pinfire Pistol The Limited Edition Model B is chambered for 2mm pinfire blanks, has a brass frame, a hinged steel barrel, and several proprietary features. Which include the Blunderbuss- shaped barrel, a very distinctive signature hammer, and a bifurcated main spring. Wherein the main spring  is cut from spring steel, is specially heat treated and operates the […]

  • Model H Pinfire PistolCMGW Model H

    Model H Miniature (Berloque) Pinfire Pistol The Limited Edition Model H pistol is chambered for  2mm pinfire blanks, has a brass frame, a hinged hexagonal-shaped steel barrel held closed with a spring biased locking pin, and several proprietary features. Which include the location and mounting of the locking pin spring, a very distinctive signature hammer, […]

  • CMGW Corvette ZR1 Engine Powered Armored Car Named “Invictus”

    This is the armored car that we have put in service to protect the CMGW Castle and tote our 2mm pinfire pistols and rifles.  She has a Corvette ZR1 400  horse-powered quarter-scale 1812 British Naval cannon with a barrel that was machined from a Naval bronze billet.  That was otherwise destined for parts of a US Navy […]