The Eaglet-I Model B Blunderbuss Pistol is a new and novel innovative miniature pistol designed by Ron Phillips and made in Charleston, SC (a.k.a, the “Holy City”)  USA.  That is precision-machined from premium – grade steel stock and is not a firearm as ruled by the US  Department of Justice.  In that it allows the flame and loud sound from an explosive action to pass out its  blunderbuss-shaped barrel and prevents the loading of conventional live ammunition and the expelling of a projectile.  In thus providing for a wide range of useful non-harmful purposes such as training, starting events, celebrations such as the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, signaling and sounding an alert or warning.  And in the case of starting foot races and boat races, such a pistol is commonly referred to as a starter pistol.

Moreover, the pistol fires the very low-cost “209 shotshell primers”.   Which are used in reloading shotgun shells and easy to handle because of their size.  And are produced by ammunition manufacturers Remington, Winchester, Federal, HCI and others and available at gun shops and online in cartons of 100 costing only about 5-cents each.

In addition, the Eaglet-I Model B Blunderbuss Pistol is provided with its individual serial number.  And comes with free shipping in an engraved wood case also designed by Phillips and made of the same centuries old wood as the pistol’s wood grips.

And please note that sales are limited to U.S. residents only.  And that shotshell primers for the pistol are not included.


Order Eaglet-I Model B Eaglet-I Model B with case @ $192.00

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