Folks who have a machine shop have asked what is involved in making a mini pistol like ours.  And that is a difficult question to answer.  As our pistols are unlike any other in having several unique/innovative features and we do not release our drawings and proprietary manufacturing information.  But for some insight as how we got to here, it took 11 months from conception sketches to final drawings following several prototype builds, encountering several glitches/surprises and doing the necessary testing that consumed many pinfire blanks.

More than 50 precision machining operations spread over five machines are required to make the parts for our pistols.  And then there is welding/brazing, grinding, heat-treating, hand finishing and buffing to put the parts in condition for assembly.  In short, it can be quite a challenge but a potentially rewarding one when the goal is reached. And we do encourage those with a home machine shop and the dedication to give it a try.  And we suggest that one consider concentrating on a mini gun where drawings are available with exact dimensions and material specifications.  Knowing that designing and making a spring to operate the hammer and trigger properly can present the biggest challenge.  And that the writer in designing the CMGW pistols conceived a unique bifurcated spring of potentially universal use (i.e. for both mini and full size guns) that can be readily modified to suit a particular application and its details are being held close to the vest while seeking patent protection.

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