This is the armored car that we have put in service to protect the CMGW Castle and tote our 2mm pinfire pistols and rifles.  She has a Corvette ZR1 400  horse-powered quarter-scale 1812 British Naval cannon with a barrel that was machined from a Naval bronze billet.  That was otherwise destined for parts of a US Navy nuclear warship.  And she is capable of hurling a lead ball about a mile and safely over our resting (not standing) militia.  Namely; turtles Larry, Moe & Curly and alligators Bonny & Clyde who are stationed in our moat that also serves as their mess hall.

And thanks are due in various respects to Henry Ford, Ettore Bugatti,  Zora Arkus-Duntov, Gib Hufstader, Doug Potter,  and the British Empire.  As well as the “R. L. Phillips Skunk Works” for bringing about this creation aptly named “Invictus”. 

Order Cannon and Invictus

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