Charleston Mini Gun WorksThe CMGW  guns are designed by Ron Phillips.  Who is a mechanical engineer (B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E.), an attorney (J.D.) and a Registered US Patent Attorney.  Ron has taught both mechanical engineering and law, and is a holder of patents covering a wide spectrum of inventions.  With Ron having moved to Charleston, SC after taking an early retirement in 1992 after 32 years with GM.  Where he served on the GM Legal Staff as a Senior Attorney and as Patent Counsel to several divisions of GM including Chevrolet and its Corvette Staff and Research & Development Staff.  And in addition to designing miniature guns, Ron does many of the machining operations, the brazing required and all the finishing operations, final assembly and proofing.  And with the recently released 2mm pinfire rifles (HR and BR) and two more unique 2mm pinfire pistols (HX and BX) that he is now working on, he is also working on what he currently calls  ” The Charleston Blue Plate Special” that will be unlike any miniature gun ever made and in what it uses to produce a big bang sound for just a few pennies.

Ron has also remained active as a patent attorney serving independent inventors and small businesses as well as major vehicle manufacturers and having served the movie industry re Technicolor/Disney Studio.  And while pursuing his special interests which range from vintage Grand Prix cars and sports cars to Indy Roadsters and more recently unique miniature guns with an old time flavor.  And while also designing and building a Model T Ford and Bugatti influenced Hot Rod/Street Rod powered with an original 400HP Corvette ZR-l engine.  That can serve as a Charleston Mini Gun Works Delivery Vehicle.  And protector of the Phillips Castle when armed with a Phillips-made quarter-scale 1812 British Naval Cannon as seen in the photo.