Charleston Mini Gun Works by Sandy Phillips

Welcome to Charleston Mini Gun Works (CMGW) in Charleston, SC.  Where early settlers dropped anchor, the Civil War began and much of the historical architecture has been preserved. And with Charleston Mini Gun Works having much in common with its surroundings in producing miniature guns that were referred to as Berloques in Europe and noted for being quite vociferous in firing a 2mm pinfire blank and thus without an accompanying projectile. With the first one having been invented and produced by watch maker Franz Pfannl in Austria in 1899.  And for those not familiar with pinfire cartridges, they were invented by Casmir Lefaucheux of France circa 1828 and along with percussion caps provided a vast improvement over flintlock guns and were used in the Civil War.

The Charleston Mini Gun Works lineup of miniature guns are designed by engineer/patent attorney Ron Phillips and made in Limited Editions. And included with each is an ejector/cleaning rod and a miniature corked glass bottle for containg the blanks.  All contained in a hand-finished wood chest having a brass Charleston Mini Gun Works nameplate identifying the gun model.  And in applying Bill O’Reilly’s rating system, we consider ourselves proud patriots and not “pinheads” even though we produce tiny guns. That are hopefully admired for their design, craftsmanship and heritage. Also, please note that blanks or gun ammunition of any kind are not included with our miniature guns.

We greatly appreciate the enthusiastic reception we have been receiving to our pistols. With the Limited Edition Models B,H, D, R and T pistols having sold out. But we are adding shortly another very unique pinfire pistol by Ron Phillips which is quite an eye catcher from a wood checkered beginning to a blustery ending. And thus adds in a complementary manner to our recently released Limited Edition Model HR and Model BR rifles also designed by Phillips. Who continues to sail on past his 78th. 

And still on the horizon is a revolutionary mini gun that is not a pinfire gun nor a “fireamrm” yet provides a big gun bang for just pennies each.  But more about that later.