Charleston Mini Gun Works by Sandy Phillips

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Welcome to Charleston Mini Gun Works (CMGW) in Charleston, SC USA.  Whose sole purpose is to produce unique miniature pistols and rifles like none ever.  And all designed by professional engineer/patent attorney/inventor/gun collector Ron Phillips who continues to sail on at age 79.  And hopes that his miniature guns are appreciated for their innovative design, craftsmanship and heritage.  With those currently available (Rifle Models HR & BR and Pistol Models HX & BX) being serialized Limited Edition 2mm pinfire guns and shown in the photo.  And seen now on YouTube under the banner “Charleston Mini Gun Works”.

And still on the horizon is a revolutionary miniature gun that is not a pinfire gun nor a “firearm” yet provides a big gun sound and flash for just pennies each.  But more about that later provided Ron can locate more whale oil for his shop lanterns .